Navigating New View – UNV Navigator PTZ Dome Camera

Uniview, the world’s leading video surveillance manufacturer, recently launched new PTZ dome camerasIPC6322LR-X22-C and IPC6322SR-X22P-C, which are named as Navigator. With outstanding performance and all-weather design, Navigator refreshed the industry’s ability to provide cost effective products, provided a brand new view for customers.

Even though it is anentry level product, Navigatorfeatures high quality stepping motors for smooth and stable movement, built-in heater for all weather application andaffordable price.

Powerful engine: smooth and stable stepping motor driving

Uniview has a rich experience on developing stepping motordue toseveral years of R&D accumulation. When designing Navigator, we chose a high quality and accurate stepping motor which is usually used in PTZ dome camera for high-end projects. The spin ofNavigator isstable and smoothwithout any mechanical jerk at300 degrees per secondwhich ensures that video is stable through all the time.Based on this motor, Navigator has strong performance of presetting. It has 1024 presets. The preset speed is up to 300 degrees per second, and the preset angle accuracy is within 0.1degrees. These important presets can be easily configured as a patrol group and cruisepromptly.

All weather applicable PTZ

During the summer rainy season or a sharp change in temperature, the lens wouldbe foggy. During the extreme cold rainyor snowy day, the lens wouldbe covered by ice and snow.In order to effectively reduceweather influence, Navigatoris equipped withbuilt-in heater around window to remove snow or fog. Hence, imagefidelityis guaranteed even under harsh environment.

Outstanding hardware design

In addition, Navigatorfeatures 22X optical zoom with Electronic Image Stabilizer for stable image at tilt range. And it alsohas outstanding IR performance at ultra low light application. It has anti-reflection glass which can improve IR transmission by 8%, and the IR distance is up to 150m with car-grade LED. Customers don’t have to worry about video losing if network disconnected. Navigator has a micro SD card slot. Using a SD card with up to 128GB storage space for edge storage, it can preventunpredictable network connection breaks. It also supports IP66 and optional PoE power.

Advanced software ability

Except powerful hardware features, Navigator also support UNVUltra 265 deep compression technology. Based on Hisilicon H.265 DSP and Uniview exclusive algorithm innovation, Ultra 265 helps to produce high quality image but with less bitrate and save more storage space. If any abnormal behavior was detected, it wouldtrigger different configurable responses like outputting a signal to trigger a buzzer.Navigator is very suitable to both indoor and outdoor application and can be widely used in many scenarios such as schools, factories, buildings, gas stations, and naturalspots and so on.

With more than 12 years’ experience in IP video surveillance, Uniview always keep the original intention during product development.Navigator is one of many products which reflectthe philosophy of Uniview–an endless pursuit of quality.