Everything You Need To Know About True Wireless Headphones

As we grow technologically as a society, we are discovering new ways to untangle our already busy lives. As a result, wireless headphones have gained immense popularity in recent times. I mean who still wants to be caught in wires that embarrass you in public and make you waste your time in detangling them?

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Much like good to better to best, we have gone from wired earphones to wireless to true wireless. Unless we come up with something more advanced in the near future, True Wireless earphones are best your money can buy.

What is True Wireless?

The most important feature of True Wireless earphones is the complete lack of any cable or connecting wires between the earbuds contrary to our regular wireless earphones where the earbuds are somehow connected to each other, over the head or around the neck.

Commonly known as TWS or True Wireless Stereo, this technology allows you to pair two separate earbuds to your phone. These earbuds come in smart and compact cases, in varied designs, to recharge them.

Who knew wireless can get truly wireless in all true senses?

Why go True Wireless?

As much as we appreciated the introduction of wireless in our lives, the entire world freaked out when one of the mobile behemoths completely removed the headphone jack from one of their latest designs. However, the true wireless fever caught up and everyone wanted one for themselves.

The convenience of using true wireless is beyond explanation. No matter what you are doing, these earphones will ensure uninterrupted service. These in-the-ear earphones have a better Bluetooth range. Most of these devices are designed with the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology, for enjoying seamless music, to music to call and back to music.

With wires completely out of the equation, listening to music, while workout, running, working, cooking or any other activity has become way easier. These devices are easy to carry and you will barely feel them in our bag or your pocket.

There are no more tangles to sort, no wires that will get in your way. Though flat wires made it a bit easier, but not completely hassle-free. This issue is completely taken care of by wireless earphones.

Quality check

As time passed, Bluetooth devices got better. It’s has aged like fine wine and what we have now is the best of both worlds- clarity of wired headphones and convenience of the wireless ones. They can now provide CD quality audio with noise isolation and echo model. Pretty neat, right?

Safety first

The question remains if these devices are safe for use. The answer is YES. These earphones frequencies are very low and have no cause for concern.

True Wireless Stereo by PTron

One might think that these devices will burn a hole in the pockets, but that is not always the case. PTron offers one of the best True Wireless earphones at a very competitive price. The weight is as low as 50g and provides quicker pairing and longer range. These waterproof earphones are designed with noise cancellation technology and offer up to 4 hours of music time.

These nifty little devices have changed our lives and the way we communicate and express for good. With time we may stumble upon something more impressive, but what we have now is nothing less than pure magic.


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