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What is is an online shopping portal from where shoppers from Nepal and abroad can buy various products listed here online.

Where is based?

We are based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

What products can I buy at

You can buy a wide range of products like Bluetooth Headphones, Wired Earphones, Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Watches, IP CC Camera, Power Banks, Mobile Accessories , Uniview video Surveillance Solution, PTron Tech & Fashion Accessories etc. For a full list of products you can buy at click here.

Who can buy products from

Any individual or an organization with a membership account with can buy products listed here.

How can I get an account with

You can register for a new account by filling up this form click here.

Is there any fees/charges for registering as a new member?

There is no registration fee for creating an account with Getting an account with is free.

Is getting a membership account with open to all? Are there any restrictions?

Any adult or organisation in Nepal or abroad can create an account with

How do I purchase products from Is there any restriction in terms of age, nationality etc?

When you decide to purchase a product listed on, you should click on ‘Add to Cart’ tab beside a product description. Once you have chosen the products you want to buy, you should click on ‘Check Out’ to confirm and choose the desired payment method.

What are the payment options?

You can pay us by Cash On Delivery (COD).

Do you deliver the product purchased from at my place or do I have to collect it from somewhere?

We deliver the product you have purchased at your place unless you choose to collect it from our office.

Which of the places in Nepal can you deliver the products?

We can deliver products inside Kathmandu valley. There is a flat delivery charge of NPR 50. For deliveries outside Nepal, the required shipping charge will be charged depending on the destination and weight of the product.

How long does it take for the delivery of my order?

In Kathmandu, the products will be delivered within a day.

Is there any guarantee or warrantee in the products listed here?

Some products have a warrantee or a guarantee, while others don’t have it. Whether there is a guarantee/warrantee in a product and for how long is mentioned at the description of each product.

What happens if I get a damaged product?

If you get a damaged product, it will be exchanged at the time of delivery. You need to check the status of the product thoroughly at the time of delivery and inform the delivery agent if a product is damaged. The product will be exchanged on the spot. If you report a damage within a days of the purchase, the product can be returned or exchanged .

If I don’t like a product can I return or exchange it? Will I receive refund for the returned product?
If the product you receive is not as per the description on our website or if it is damaged, you can exchange as mentioned above. If the product is as per the description on the website and is not damaged, but you don’t like it, you cannot exchange it. You cannot return any products once you have bought it and there will be no refund for it.

I am not in Nepal, can I order products? Do you deliver them?
Yes, you can order for products even though you are not in Nepal and we do deliver them. Additional charges will be levied depending on the place of delivery and the weight of the product.

How do I contact
You can contact us by email, phone or in person. Our email address is [email protected] .