DJ 1212 Multimedia Tower


DJ 1212 Multimedia Tower is designed to take the listening experience to the next level. This tower is ideal for offering loud and booming sound quality without any kind of distortion. This is ideal for festivals, parties and social gatherings. With engineering brilliance, modern design and highly-versatile structure, it has become one of the most sought after speaker.


8 inch Single Woofer 750 Watt to Hit Sound.
4 Dyna Hit Sound Built in Bluetooth Technology
Audio out for direct all input sources
Volume adjustment with Bass &Treble separately
Built in fully remote control
Digital Media Player for Music
Auto scanning of frequency modulation
Eco efficiency control through dynamic adjustment for karoke
USB port Attractive Body Made
Inbuilt amplifier for direct speaker connectivity rear sound increments Power saving mode
Internal help for customers to solve their queries
Mega contrast ratio
Dual Mic system to enjoy live karoke
8 inch double multimedia tower 1000 watt PmPo